Polinesia del Sogno Scaligero

Color: Sbi d – red point
D.o.b.: 26 May 2009
Gruppo sanguigno: A/A
Sire: Fin* Zhamanen Private Show Sbi d
Dam: EC Backkara’s Leica Sbi e


Poli, as we like to call her, is an observer, she has fascinating deep blu eyes and she talks with her glance.

She’s a very quite and well balanced cat, her favourite passion is to tear paper, especially at night, in fact when we wake up we always know where she’s been during our sleep because she lives pieces of paper everywhere.

She also likes to run up and down in the morning, and since she doesn’t love to play this game by herself she always look for a friend to poke so that she can run after!

She doesn’t meow but if you pass beside her and you don’t caress her she utters a strange sound as if she were saying “heyyy I’m here”.

She loves to sleep on the ground, and when she does so she looks like a carpet because she streches out her 4 legs and sleeps on her belly.