History & Legend


Thank’s to Francamaria Gabriele, A.Ga.Bi.’s President who supplied the following story.

Once upon a time in a Birman temple the monks adored golden Goddes with sapphire eyes.

The monks lived there in peace with their white cats.

One day the temple was encroached by some robbers who killed the Great Priest while he was mediting below the Goddess’ statue with his white cat beside. As soon the cat saw his friends at the ground he came up his body and looked at the Goddess’ eyes asking for revenge. Then a wonderful transformation took place: the coat of the cat became golden as the Goddess’ body, legs, face and tail became brown like the colour of the earth, the eyes became sapphire blu like the Goddess’ ones, and the paws, who were resting on the Priest’s body remained white in sign of purity.

At the same tempe in the other cats of the temple took place the same transformation and their descendants inherited those characteristic from them.

The story of the appearing of the Sacred Cat of Burma in Europe is not less adventurous than the Legend: the first two cats arrived in France in 1918 but only the female survived and gave birth to one litter from which the entire breed is founded.

At the end of the first world war birman cats were decimated and in the whole world only two couple survived, from these 2 couple breeders started over again and in 1966 the Sacred Birman Cat was recognized as breed.

(Francamaria Gabriele)