Norris del Sogno Scaligero

Color: SBI d – red point
D.o.b.: 29 June 2007
Breeder: Maria Rosa Chiaramonte
Blood Group: A (b)
Sire EC S* Linea Huset’s Apricot Mangold- SBI d – Dam GIC S* Backkara’s Leica- SBI e

Norris is an adorable cat, very sweet and playful. Since we saw his firs steps we knew that his curiosity would have lead him to climb everywhere giving us some animated moments. He is so sweet to be dangerous for diabetic people, he abandons himself on the hands of the person who holds him

With the passing of time we realized that Norris was growing faster, until he became the big cat he is now. Despite his size he is agile and quick even if a little wax on the floor is enough to make him slide. His pecial characteristic is that he always wants to play with whatever takes his attention.

Oddly he’s not a sleepy-head cat, maybe because his curiosity to discover the house is higher than the typical feline lazyness. With the passing of time his young cat’s liveliness will pass away but his curiosity will always be there together with his cleverness.